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March 2000





Austria ... Teen Challenge Prison Ministry

This past Christmas 2,700 gift packages were prepared and delivered to prisons in Austria. The gifts included an evangelistic calendar and candy. Joseph Reiter, a police officer, began reaching out to the prisons in the early 80's. Through Christian concerts they have been able to get contacts with inmates for follow-up by letter, visitation or Bible correspondence courses.

Recently Joseph has appealed to local churches to help minister to the 50% foreign population in the prisons of Austria. A Christian library has been established in most of the prisons with books and Bibles in fifteen various languages. This Fall Joseph hopes to open the first Teen Challenge Center in the country. The center will be geared toward helping male inmates adjust to re-entry into society.


Czech Republic ... Christian Country Radio

According to Assemblies of God Missionary Tom Lofton, in answer to prayer God has provided an enormous opportunity to get the Good News of Jesus Christ into every home in Prague through the medium of radio. There are very few, if any, Christian programs on secular stations in the city. Seeing the vast need, Lofton contacted the "most listened to" station in the city--which happens to have a country music formats.

"Introducing myself as Tom Lofton from NASHVILLE, the station director's ears perked and he enthusiastically spoke with me about life, Nashville, country music, and the beauty of Prague. I asked him if we could meet with him and discuss our proposal further. The Holy Spirit moved on his heart and now we are proclaiming the Good News on Country Radio Prague."

The show, "Christian Country From Nashville" airs weekly at 10:30 p.m. Lofton reports that this is a popular time slot in Prague, when people turn their TV's off and their radios on. Up to 50,000 listeners tune-in. We believe that God will use this tool to reach many with the gospel right in their own homes."



For a number of the missionary staff that are struggling with physical problems.

For Students for Christ Germany, and the pioneering of new groups on university campuses in Aachen, Bochum and Stuttgart. Also for financial support and workers.

For workers for the July evangelistic crusade in Hoyerswerda-Weiswasser, Germany.

For continued Divine direction for the leadership of the Apostolic Church in Slovakia.


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